my finished Laurel Burch christmas quilt..

well.. i finished this a month ago but.. since no one could get in here.. i didn't post it here... but... nicki said she found a way to back door her way in... and patti has posted hers... so here's mine.. i'll be taking it to the quilters later this month.. so it will be done before the challenge due date.. :)

 i have lots and lots of the fabrics left so i'll probably be making another quilt with them... anyone else finish??..


Surprise for Shey

While Sheryl has been away on vacation having a good time on her cruise, I have been busy finally working on my challenge. Surprise Shey I finished it. I can't get a good pic of it cause it is too big and my camera isn't working right now. Aren't you proud of me. It def. looks better in person. Well at least it is done .

The Mermaids of Atlantis

Hi Ladies. I am going to do this mermaid and use the woodland linen from crossed wings. Can't wait to see what the rest of you are working on.

miribilia mermaids stitch-a-long..

ok.. well.. no one has posted on here in months.. time to repurpose it.. lol..  so.. since patti, nicki, elaine and i are all going to be doing a Miribilia Mermaids stitch-a-long.. this will be a good place to keep our updates..

we'll still be using it for the Laurel Burch christmas challenge too.. so.. ladies.. finish those up.. :D

for my mermaid... i've decided to do... the mermaids of the deep blue.. and i want to do it on deep sea linen from crossed wings..  so as soon as i get my fabric and the specialty threads and beads for it... i'll be good to go..  we've tentatively set a start date of April 1.. but.. if everyone gets there stuff before then.. we might start earlier..

can't wait to see all the pretty mermaids..


Happy Birthday Christine

hope you have a great day!!...

sooo ladies.. how are you all doing on this challenge???.. hmmmm???.. no one has posted on this blog since September!!... we are all slackers on this!.. and... no one responded to my email about this challenge either... *grrrrrr... lol

it's time we all got busy on it.. we need to have it at least half done by this Christmas!.. and some of us... haven't posted any progress on it yet... and we want pictures!!..

i was kinda hoping to get this challenge done early and.. start a new one.. so lets get moving ladies..


Yipeeeeeeeee! Looking good!

I bet ya'll thought I would never get going on this project! Well I've been busy working on it for the past 2 days. I decided to make one round "French Braids" and ran out of one of the fabrics.. couldn't find anymore so winged it and kinda like the way it turned out... you'll never know which one I ran out of hehehehe.. Just need to finish up about a 1/4 of the last strip and then I can finally sew all four french braids on. The aqua and all the black fabrics are actually dotted with little specks of gold glitter - very Christmasy. I also decided to cut out some cute motifs from another piece of Laurel Burch fabric to make corner stones. Once this round is on I'm not sure which direction I will go ... have a few different fabrics but just not sure of the color.
Rob came in while I was working on it and said "Babe, I hope you aren't making that just to give away" (He knows me LOL!) Nope.... this ones for us!

where is everyone??...

hey... where is everyone??... no one has posted on here in a while... nicki .. elaine... i thought you 2 were gonna work on this project when you got together last weekend???... where's the pics??... we want to see what you guys are doing...

christine.. have you come up with any ideas as to what to do for this challenge??... or started it yet??

Christmas will be here before we know it... and.. we all need to have this thing... at least half done.. if not done by then...

i'm already thinking about what our next challenge should be... unless one of you all have something in mind for us all to do...