Happy Birthday Christine

hope you have a great day!!...

sooo ladies.. how are you all doing on this challenge???.. hmmmm???.. no one has posted on this blog since September!!... we are all slackers on this!.. and... no one responded to my email about this challenge either... *grrrrrr... lol

it's time we all got busy on it.. we need to have it at least half done by this Christmas!.. and some of us... haven't posted any progress on it yet... and we want pictures!!..

i was kinda hoping to get this challenge done early and.. start a new one.. so lets get moving ladies..



Quiltingnewbie said...

Hi ladies

Ive been missing in action...but here I am now !
First my motherboard died....not pretty and my puter was in the hospital for almost 3 weeks...

Now, my sewing machine is at the doctors...and not sure when she will be home....she was making a terrible noise the other day...almost like she was crying and wanted a vacation...kind of like me.....so..hopefully my mechanical malfunctions will be over and I can get busy !

Happy turkey day !!

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