miribilia mermaids stitch-a-long..

ok.. well.. no one has posted on here in months.. time to repurpose it.. lol..  so.. since patti, nicki, elaine and i are all going to be doing a Miribilia Mermaids stitch-a-long.. this will be a good place to keep our updates..

we'll still be using it for the Laurel Burch christmas challenge too.. so.. ladies.. finish those up.. :D

for my mermaid... i've decided to do... the mermaids of the deep blue.. and i want to do it on deep sea linen from crossed wings..  so as soon as i get my fabric and the specialty threads and beads for it... i'll be good to go..  we've tentatively set a start date of April 1.. but.. if everyone gets there stuff before then.. we might start earlier..

can't wait to see all the pretty mermaids..



baseballmama said...

I ordered my stuff yesterday from ABC Stitch Therapy. I am going to do the Mermaids of Atlantis and am using the Woodland linen from Crossed Wings. Can't wait to see what everyone else chooses.

Quiltingnewbie said...

this is a test !

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