Yipeeeeeeeee! Looking good!

I bet ya'll thought I would never get going on this project! Well I've been busy working on it for the past 2 days. I decided to make one round "French Braids" and ran out of one of the fabrics.. couldn't find anymore so winged it and kinda like the way it turned out... you'll never know which one I ran out of hehehehe.. Just need to finish up about a 1/4 of the last strip and then I can finally sew all four french braids on. The aqua and all the black fabrics are actually dotted with little specks of gold glitter - very Christmasy. I also decided to cut out some cute motifs from another piece of Laurel Burch fabric to make corner stones. Once this round is on I'm not sure which direction I will go ... have a few different fabrics but just not sure of the color.
Rob came in while I was working on it and said "Babe, I hope you aren't making that just to give away" (He knows me LOL!) Nope.... this ones for us!


Quiltingnewbie said...

Its gorgeous !!! I have to start mine too...I know what I am going to do..does that count ???

shey.. said...

yay!!!... nicki that looks great!!.. i was planning on a french braid border for the final border on mine.. :D

now we need to see what elaine and christine can come up with..


Quiltingnewbie said...

Well...I know what I am doing...have the patterns picked out and found the perfect fabric that I wanted to use to square it off...

I saw Nickis in person yesterday and it is bootiful !

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