Finally I can get started!

Yea! I finally have all my fabrics pulled together for this Challenge! Even if I don't use all of the fabrics at least now I have a good selection to choose from. Had to reread the instructions on how to square this panel up so will try and do it tomorrow. Maybe - maybe not as I have my two nieces (7 &11) all day - they want to make a couple pillow cases.


Quiltingnewbie said... guys are all over achievers....I still need to go back and read how to square it up and get moving...I dont want to upset the PPP or the PPQ !!

shey...yours is gorgeous...I am so envious !!! I promise to start working on mine reallllly soon !!!

baseballmama said...

Yeah Nicki

I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with yours. Love your fabric choices.

PPPP ( one of Shey's loyal subjects)

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