woo hoo first round on..

well.. i finally finished with my first round on this challenge.. what do you think??.. yeah.. i know.. i'm crazy... but i like the way it looks.. (lol.. i know you're gonna ask.. so i'll just tell you.. there are 1062 pieces in this round!).. i think i better make sure the next round isn't as busy to try to tame this thing down a bit.. now that this round is done i need to put it up for a while and get busy on my Paper-piece challenge block and get some surf, sand and snowflakes blocks done.. so i can get my son's quilt for Christmas done..
what about the rest of you??.. anyone else working on this challenge??..
times a wasting..
shey.. PPPS


baseballmama said...

Whoa!!! We were all wrong!!!! Shey is not one of the Paper Princesses. She can only be dubbed as the one and only Queen of PP.

Shey , your pattern takes my breath away. Only you could come up with such a great idea as using your favorite Conn. block as a border. That is why I dub thee Queen Shey!!!!

Now you know what this means don't you. By your final round we expect no less than 2000 pieces in your border!!!!! Good luck and happy piecing "Queen Shey"

PPPP (Paper Piecing Princess Patti) One of your loyal subjects.

Nicki Lee said...

OMG! That is awesome! You really are insane! Here I am thinking something simple (as my mind is LOL!) and you go and whip this up like it's nothing! Guess I need to get all my farbics together and get busy uh? Lov ethe farbic I picked out on Friay so maybe I'm almost ready to cut into them!

Quiltingnewbie said...

testing to see if I can post

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