now i can show you...

hello girls..
well now that patti has figured out how to get us back on.. (thanks patti).. i can show you my panel.. squared.. and.. i'm just about done with the first round on this thing... i just have 4 more of the star blocks that i'm doing.. to do... (those are those blocks that i'm insane to be doing.. lol.. ).. and.. the 4 corners.. so i should have another picture for you next week sometime.. i hope..
and i have to tell you.. omg.. i loved Vegas!!.. we had such a great time there!.. and.. he wants to go back.. so looks like i'll be going back to Vegas next year sometime!.. we didn't win a darn thing.. but we had a good time.. :) oh... and i did find a quilt shop there.. but.. it was 8am and they weren't open and... he when he saw me looking at it... he told me to... "don't even think about it"... : lol..
lets see what you guys are doing on your panels.. it's time we got moving on this.... "times a wasting".. :D
shey... PPPS


Quiltingnewbie said...

Vegas .....hmm..havent gotten there yet...but it is on my to do list....just like doing something with the panel is...

I havent touched it in a week or so...but...I did finish my center for sheys..paper piecing challenge, finished my ugly for Quiltaholics challenge (and let me is VERY ugly) and worked on 4 other blocks for another group I off the hook ????

baseballmama said...

Hey Queenie-

Since you're on top of everything and even got your ugly done, how about helping me with mine. It's probably on the back burner until at least mid Sept. , maybe Oct. Nothing like a deadline to get you moving. Elaine- Loved your block for Shey's PP challenge. What happened to using the xmas panel? lol

PPPP Baseballmama

Quiltingnewbie said...

Hey PPPPatti

Think outside the box on the UGLY challenge...thats what I did...and it is still VERY ugly...I just hacked the heck out of the fabric and made it hopefully a little better when I put it back together !!!

I decided to keep the panel as is...after all that is a challenge too..and I found some fabric I really liked for the board challenge...thanks for liking my star...I think it is kinda pretty too !!!

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