Rethinking My Decision

With all I have coming up in the next few months I have been rethinking my decision to use the flying geese in my first round of this challenge. In addition to this challenge I am currently working on trying to finish my Dear Jane Quilt in the next few months ( 2 1/2 years in the making ), Quiltaholic's "Dare to be Ugly" Challenge, and I am starting a Hawaiian Star class in a few weeks, and of course in the back of my head is the thought that Shey will be soon announcing her next pp round robin. BTW Elaine , that reminds me- Nicki didn't steal your fireman. When he saw the ugly fabric he was forced to run to the bathroom and lose his lunch. I'm sure he'll be back after a breather . I'm just not sure I wanted to piece together 500 some odd pieces for my flying geese border. I decided on a different flying geese patters without the sashings on the sides, plus I went from using 22 3 x6 pieces to 12 3 x 10 pieces. The patterns didn't all fit on one page, so I had to cut and paste but all in all in saved me over 400 pieces and I like the results


shey.. said...

patti... that looks great!!... omg.. i so have to get moving on this challenge... i think i have enough fabric... but i think i might want to get one of those jelly rolls.. for one of the border ideas i have...

still working on that dang.. (see i can be nice and not swear)... cq 1-block swap.. i'm just not happy with it.. and can't wait to get it sent off!!.. but until i finish.. i can't start this.. :(

anyone else working on this challenge??


Quiltingnewbie said...

well shey

to be honest,,,I have been very busy looking for the missing fireman...if anyone finds him, please send him to me !!!

but...I did get the jelly roll and opened it and looked at the fabric...does that count ?


I am so jealous of you ...that is so beautiful..I want to be like you if I grow up !

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