i've finally started.. :)

hello ladies..

well.. i finally started on this challenge... didn't get tooo far yet.... but.. at least i've started... i've gotten it square!... now... to decided what i want to do for the first round... i'll try to get that worked on this weekend.. and hopefully have a pic for y'all soon...

anyone else besides our speed demon (ie.. patti)... working on this yet??...



baseballmama said...

Now Sheryl, You can't really call me a speed demon. When you take into account that I have had this top laying around for over a year and the other ladies have only had it a month or two I would call me a SLOW POKE, or PROCRASTINATOR!!!!! That would also be you!!!

shey.. said...

well i was gonna give y'all a peek at the squared up panel... but.. looks like my invite expired.. so you'll have to wait till christine can re-instate it.. lol.. i've started on the first round.. and yep i'm crazy.. and nope.. it's not flying geese... lmfao.. but till lots of pieces.. you'll see soon..


Quiltingnewbie said...

you guys are both nuts !!! I hope mine will live up to the Paper Piecing Princesses !!!

but..I have fabric...so that is a start !

Shey..Christine is vacationing this week !

baseballmama said...

Hey Shey- Did you see we have a new nickname from Quiltingnewbie. We are now known as the Paper Piecing Princesses!! or better yet the PPP. Try saying that fast several times. Elaine- I'm sure your project will live up to the PPP's.

Baseballmama (Patti the Paper Piecing Princess, aka PPPP.

shey.. said...

sooo... elaine.. what have you decided to do on this challenge??... have you started it yet???.. i'm working on my first round.. it's a bit time consuming but it's coming along..

PPPS... (paper piecing princess shey)

baseballmama said...

So Elaine, how's it coming? If you need any help just ask the head PPP- Shey. She's going nuts on us again. Just ask her how many pieces she's using in her first round!!!!!

PPPP (Paper Piecing Princess Patti)

Quiltingnewbie said...

ok my little Princess !

First off, what is the plural of Princess...Princesses ? that could be a tongue twister..

Nope, I have not done anything other buy the jelly roll that goes with the panel...but..of course in my defense, I havent had it nearly as long as you two ...so I havent had as much time to ponder the situation !!

But...PPPP ( yes Patti)Miss shey..went ahead and threw a challenge on the main board that of course I just have to try !!!! Im a glutton for punishment I guess ! I think I know the block Im going to do for the middle but heck, I dont have enough fabric here at home and of course HAVE to go shopping !!!!

OMG !!! I just figured it out !! I am going to use the panel for my center block and kill two birds with one quilt !!!

PPWannabee (elaine)

baseballmama said...

Hi PPWannabee. Say that fast 3 times. LMAO. Now I have to run to the bathroom. I am no longer a PPWannabee but a PPhavetopee. That's a great idea about using the panel for both challenges. I mentioned that to Shey yesterday- for her to use her spare xmas panel. Too funny. I'm sure that by the time you finish these two challenges us Princesses will be able to turn the reigns over to you. I dub thee "Queen Elaine" Master Paper Piecer Extaordinaire MPPE

PPPP ( baseballmama)

Quiltingnewbie said...

The other day Nicki came to visit...and I was showing her that I had started to organize my fabrics and put them away...I knew it wouldnt last long so I needed to show someone before I messed it up again.

Only the top shelf was done and the bottom shelf was stuffed with stuff....a package fell out and literally landed at my feet....when I turned it over it was a kit that I had never opened !! I was SHOCKED! A kit unopened,,,a quilt not finished..how could that be !! Well anyway, when I turned it over, every accent piece in the kit matched our panel PERFECTLY !!! Orange, purple, blue...I tried to give Nicki the orange but she passed on it. !!! I now have plenty of fabric to work with on our panel...

Moral of the story, straighten your stash and you never know what might be hiding !!

PPWannabee...or Queenie !

baseballmama said...

No excuses now Queenie!!!! But if you are going to use all of those beautiful fabrics from the kit , how will you ever be able to finish that one?
As for Nicki, if she refuses to use the beautiful color of orange , what in the heck is she going to do with her Dare to be Ugly challenge?

PPPP (Quadruple P)

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