happy with my quilty friends.. :D

hello ladies..

well i made it here too.. i'm fairly new at blogging and well to be honest this is kinda confusing.. but with our computer guru.. (thanks christine).. i'm sure we'll all figure it out..

i'm so thrilled you all decided to join me on this little quilting challenge adventure.. i'm sure it will be lots of fun to see what develops with each challenge..

i know i gave LOTS AND LOTS of time to do this one and i know we can probably get it done much sooner.. but thought since this is supposed to be a relaxing fun thing to do.. to spread it out.. and take our time.. i have a feeling tho that once we actually start it.. we'll move the dates up considerably.. lol..

as you can see the panel is very vibrant.. lots of colour.. and i know the quilts we all make from it will be fun and cheery and all very very different.. for this challenge.. there aren't many rules.. i just want us to.. use it to make a quilt with.. whether you paper-piece.. applique or make regular blocks.. it's your choice.. there are no specific # of rounds to do.. if you just want 1 and your done.. that's fine.. if you want 2, 3, 4.. that's up to you.. but challenge yourself to do something different with the panel..

now.. for the next challenge.. maybe we'll get more specific.. maybe take a line of fabrics and all use that.. (like penny's surf, sand and snowflake challenge).. or.. pick a focus fabric (all of us the same?).. and make a row robin quilt.. (maybe that one we'll pass around to each other??).. or... or.. well you get the idea.. i'm sure we can all come up with lots and lots of ideas to keep us challenged..

you ladies are great and i'm thrilled we are quilting friends..



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