Finally, I'm A Blogger!!!

Well I have finally landed in the world of blogging. Still couldn't figure out how to post on this blog and had to rely on my good friend Shey ( she always has the answer ) lol. I am so happy to be here in this group known as "Five Ladies A Quilting" Every time I say that I think of the 12 Days of Christmas song - you know Five Ladies A Quilting, Four Machines A Sewing, Three Mats A Cutting, Two Blocks A Waiting, One Quilting Blog A Blazing. Sorry, couldn't resist. I need to go upstairs tonight to my studio and find my panel. It is someplace up in that mess and has been for some time. Hope to go to the lqs tomorrow and find some fabric to work with. Maybe by next week I will have something to show. How about the rest of you? Have a good evening , and a great 4th of July weekend. Drop by Louisville this weekend and you can come see me on the river playing a Pops concert , complete with 1812 Overture and fireworks.



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