Welcome to our first blog post. Five quilt friends (Sheryl, Patti, Nicki, Elaine and Christine) have gotten together to create challenge quilts. This blog will track our progress and allow us to share information with each other as well as you. Check the blogroll on the right navigation for our individual blogs as well!

Our first (of hopefully many) challenges will be using this Laurel Burch panel from her Bountiful Blessings line:

Here are our guidelines:
- Sheryl is going to send us each a panel
- Each person must make a quilt with it, get creative, but have fun with it
- The quilt should be planned and at least half of the top pieced by Christmas 2009
- The top should be done by July 2010
- And the whole quilt done and ready to be used for Christmas 2010.

I think we can do it (maybe even sooner - wink, wink ladies).

All five of us will be contributing to this blog so hopefully the next posts will be an introduction by each person.

Thanks for joining us on this journey of quilting, challenge and most importantly friendship.


Nicki Lee said...

I'm here! I'm here! Thanks Christine for setting this up - it is going to be so much fun and I know we are going to see some beautiful creations in the coming months...

baseballmama said...

Well, I'm here too. It took 6 tries this morning to get in here. And now this afternoon I had to figure out how to post. Dumb, computer illiterate me. It also looks like I am the only one of you ladies without a blog. I guess you all will have to help me with that too. Anyway, glad to be here, among friend, looking forward to challenging ourselves . Off to my Dear Jane class. Will check in later.

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