happy birthday nicki and happy 4th to everyone!

happy birthday girlfriend!!.. hope it was a special one for you..

happy 4th of july to all.. and patti i have to agree with you.. thank you so much to all the servicemen and woman who keep us all safe and protected!!..

well.. i found my panel.. and have it up so i can stare at it and see what it wants me to do.. and christine.. i have yours ready to be mailed on monday.. :)

anyone else starting to think about what to do with this beauty??..



Quiltingnewbie said...

I am thinking...thats as far as I got though Shey...but, it is encouraging !!!

baseballmama said...

I'm looking and I'm thinking and I'm not getting anywhere. You know wishing and hoping . Nothing is coming to me. I've hit a rut in the road and I haven't even started yet.

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