Credit Where Credit is Due...

Patti I didn't know it was you either - I'm so excited!!! I've seen all the work you ladies have done and I am honored be apart of this venture with you. I did win a four pack of FQ's of the fabric line on eBay today, I don't want to use only the fabric line but I thought it would be nice to have some mixed in.

I'm happy to see that almost everybody was able to get on and post - I know Nicki's been to the blog as well. We all have the same level of access so this is truly our blog - how exciting to share in it!

Pete is being a pain in the you know what and DEMANDING his due credit for the blog name - as much as I hate to admit this, it was his idea!!! But Patti you really took the ball and rolled with it, with you song!! I have to ask - what about 12 to 6 though???

Pete, the kids and I are traveling to CT tomorrow to visit his family for the 4th. I hope everybody has safe travels whatever they do. And a special Birthday wish goes out to Nicki on the 4th too!! Enjoy all those fire works just for you!


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